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What’s it like to be an Atlantis Fellow? Hear from our January 2014 Fellows!

Hear about the life of Atlantis Fellows outside of the hospital! 

The Atlantis Project brings pre-health undergraduate students for 2-week, 5-week and 10-week summer programs in the Canary Islands (Spain) and the Azores Islands (Portugal). We also run a 2 or 3 week January program, and aim to launch new December and March programs in the upcoming academic year. All our programs have slots for nursing and medical students as well. Atlantis Fellows intern at public hospitals, see the European healthcare system from the inside, and improve language skills; some also contribute to the islands by teaching English to community members. Atlantis Fellows 

  • gain an international perspective on healthcare,

  • discern whether a health career is right for them,

  • and help fine-tune their precise career interest.

In 2013 our undergraduates came from over 60 universities including 7 of the top 11 universities in the world: Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley, U. Chicago, Oxford, and Cambridge. 2014 is our 7th year, and we already have students enrolled from over 100 universities, including 10 of the US top 20 national universities (and 5 of the top 10)!

“It’s a place unlike any other! I met some amazing friends from the project and the island that I’m still close with today and met doctors who changed my career path and pretty much changed my entire life.”
Nicole Busby, UNC, Atlantis Fellow 2011


We are still accepting applications on a rolling basis for summer 2014! We will let you know right here on our website with at least 4 days’ advance notice when we no longer accept applications. Register here so that we can keep you updated concerning the program and the application. If you’d like to ask any questions or set up a time on the phone, please fill out the contact form here.


Above: 2014 January Atlantis Project Fellows in the Canary Islands!

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