Experience European Healthcare

What is the Atlantis Project?
We offer internships in public hospitals in Europe. You will have the opportunity to shadow doctors and learn about different medical specialties, see the European healthcare system from the inside, improve language skills, and contribute to the islands by teaching English to locals or volunteering in the community. Be sure to check out the student reviews from former AP participants! Learn more about prices and how to apply on our Application and Fees page, and remember to apply for an Atlantis Project scholarship!

Who Can Apply?
Our programs are open to pre-health or pre-med undergraduates, and anyone interested in exploring health related professions.

When & Where?
Programs run May-September, December-January, and March in Spain or the Azores Islands of Portugal.
Health Sciences Internships Abroad | Atlantis Project
Gain an international perspective on healthcare, discern whether a health career is right for you, fine-tune your career interests, and explore beautiful locations!
Having the opportunity to shadow doctors of different specialities has really opened my eyes to all the possibilities of medicine, especially when treating sick patients who are relaying on Spain’s public healthcare system for treatment.
— Jessica Eker, New York University, Atlantis Fellow 2014

Shadowing physicians, teaching English, and getting to explore the beauty of the Azores Islands made this one of the most impactful, enjoyable, and unforgettable experiences I have ever had.
— Manuel Coutinho, UGA, Atlantis Fellow 2013

As I continue to pursue my career through school, the Atlantis Project has given me one way to better myself in order to be a better candidate for other such opportunities as well as, in the future, medical school.
— Kianna Musaraca, University of Illinois at Chicago, Atlantis Fellow 2014

We want to ensure that all pre-health, pre-med, nursing, and other students in health related fields have the best hospital shadowing internship possible. If you have any questions, please contact us. Before applying be sure you have reviewed our website carefully to understand the scope of our programs, and looked over our our FAQ page.

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